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Automatically translate what you say from Spanish to English. What are the limitations?

The following article provides a look at the latest voice translation apps:

At the end of the article it mentions that the applications are currently limited in their use, because the users have to speak very slowly and unnaturally to avoid as many translation errors and possibly and also the translations aren’t instantaneous.

translate spanish to english


In my opinion, These applications are great for those difficult situations on holiday such as when you need to explain that you don’t want mayonnaise on your burger in Vietnamese. However, I do believe that they won’t help normal conversations, because having a digital voice repeating what you just said in a different language removes the ‘feeling’ from a conversation which will also make it more difficult to build relationships. I also believe that it will be a long time before we have any device that will provide instant translations to the listener as you speak, such as in Star Trek.

What do you think is the future of learning English with applications like these? Will people become more lazy and not learn other languages?


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